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Belly Hike

Observation, Understanding the world, Autonomy and self-esteem, Relationships, Communication

Insects and traces, fauna and flora, earth, stones, textures

Children are fascinated by the miniature world that exists under their feet and are especially attracted to small objects.


The Belly Hike is a very small expedition. The 'hikers' cover the ground cm by cm, belly to ground, observing with a magnifying glass natural wonders such as blades of grass, drops of dew, colorful beetles, flower pollen and spiders that live under stones. At the same time, they are invited to remember or collect some of the items they find, to share with the whole group later.

After a break, we will meet to expand our collection of findings in our own mini museum of Nature around us, with the option that the Wild Me team share some of our own treasures found during all the years that we have been walking with Nature.

Duration: 2 – 4 hours

Cost (per student): From 13€ + TAX


Group size: maximum 30 students (with the option of doing 2 groups simultaneously)

Target Audience: 3 to 10 years 



- 2 educators from the group's centre are required to participate in the activity

- Minimum spend of 350€ to contract this activity

- A 200€ cancellation fee applies if your confirmed booking is cancelled without rescheduling

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