Wild Me organises two-day and three-day camps for small groups of children.

Wild Camp is a free play place. Free, natural or wild play implies that children can play outside in the woods and in open spaces. There are no rigidly structured activities, there are trees, branches, burrows, hills, gardens and mud, and a team of passionate wilderness lovers to guide them through the adventure. However, the spaces and experiences themselves are inspiring, which allows us to simply accompany and be one more of the group. The children set their own goals, analyse their own risks, take their own responsibility, have their own adventures and learn from them. And what they learn like this can not be taught.


​Giving children time to get involved in free play is like giving them a very special gift - a gift that does not stop giving, preparing them for adulthood by cultivating and nurturing the essential skills of life.

​If you would like to know more about these experiences please contact us.