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Nature Detectives


Understanding the world, Caring, Body and Movement, Autonomy and self-esteem, 

Rocks, fauna and flora, feathers, tracks and signs, seeds, flowers

Nature Detectives will take you on a journey to explore local flora and fauna, storytelling through nature, sensory play and conservation from a child’s perspective.

Starting with fun group dynamics to engage our senses with our surrounding, we will then focus on our different senses individually to look, listen, touch, hear and smell different natural treasures we find around us. We will learn about our sixth sense: intuition, which can be used as the equivalent of an animal's instinct, and help us to be more resillient and become better decision-makers.

The tracks and signs we find in our journey will bring us through a wide array of questions, connections and stories about Nature, that will not only teach us about the plants and animals we share this planet with, but it will also connect us deeply with our surroundings and grow our feeling of belonging and community.

Duration: 2 – 4 hours

Cost (per student): From 13€ + TAX


Group size: maximum 30 students (with the option of doing 2 groups simultaneously) 

Target Audience: 5 to 12 years 



- 2 educators of the educational centre are required to participate in the activity

- Minimum spend of 350€ to contract this activity

- A 200€ cancellation fee applies if your confirmed booking is cancelled without rescheduling


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