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Body and movement, Understanding the world, Autonomy and self-esteem

Sticks, wood, peelers, knives, sandpaper, palm-drills

Real tools provide an authentic learning experience for kids and helps them to discover and understand how things work. From prehistoric tools such as stones, sticks and feathers, to modern tools like drills and knives, using tools gives children a sense of responsibility and an opportunity to demonstrate what they are capable of. They also gain self-satisfaction, a sense of achievement and independence from having mastered the use of a real tool, which feeds their self-esteem and confidence.

Learning about safety and maintenance in order to use tools appropriately is a starting point of all of our tools workshops and we make sure that we create a calm and focused atmosphere to work in. 

Depending on the profile of the group, we will offer a personalised collection of workshops to work with a number of different tools. We will focus on working with natural materials such as wood slices or sticks, and create something of our own to take home.

The tools you can choose from are: sandpaper, wood peelers, knives, palm-drills, hand drills, saws and hammers.

We start and/or end this session with a group dynamic to undertand how tools can help us and how important it is to use them appropriately.

Duration: 2 – 4 hours

Cost (per student): From 13€ + TAX


Group size: maximum 30 students (with the option of doing 2 groups simultaneously) 

Target Audience: 5 to 12 years 



- 2 educators of the educational centre are required to participate in the activity

- Minimum spend of 350€ to contract this activity

- A 200€ cancellation fee applies if your confirmed booking is cancelled without rescheduling


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