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We want a world where we experience the joy of being in nature before we learn of its loss.


Time outdoors.


Where we can spend time in the real world.


Have conversations with Nature.


Create our own world far from adult world.


To enjoy our own special places.


To learn about ourselves and everything around us.


Learn responsability, risk, adaptation and patience.


Be in silence. Get bored.


Where we can let our imagination run wild, create anything, dream of everything.


Observe and fill our minds.


Be an extension of our surroundings.


We want to meet Wild Me. 

Theory and evidence have emerged in favour of the notion that humans possess the biological need to affiliate with natural systems and processes, particularly during the important formative years of childhood, and that this relationship is critical for health, productivity, physical well-being and mental health of children (Kellert and Wilson 1993, Kellert 2005, Louv 2008, Children and Nature Network 2009).

Wild Me organises and creates wild play programmes. Free, natural or wild play implies that children can play outside in the forest and in open spaces. The spaces are inspiring and the children are free: there are trees, branches, stones, gardens and mud. Children set their own goals, analyze their own risks, take their own responsibility, have their own adventures and learn from them.


This natural form of play allows and provides a space for all aspects of life, and to become aware of how everything is connected. Children have the opportunity to experience and understand how we affect and are affected by nature, our environment and the people around us.

"For Wild Me, Nature is not only a fascinating world inhabited by infinite beings of all shapes and characteristics imaginable; it is not only the beauty and fuel of our senses; it is not just our home. It is also where we find ourselves, where freedom and possibilities are given, and where we learn the meaning of all things in life."

If you are interested in learning more about our work philosophy, please download our WILD ME WORK GUIDE.

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