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Greetings, nature lovers and defenders of the imagination! We are excited to present the Wild Books,

the books that will take children and families on an exciting journey into the wild.

Wild Book is a book of very original outdoor activities to accompany children on their adventures in nature. Following the principles of connecting with nature, each book proposes 10 wild activities to do outdoors. From sitting still and connecting with trees to making mud footprints, these books are made for getting dirty!


Created to awaken our love for nature

More than a book; It is a magical door that opens children's minds, hands and hearts to the wonder and beauty of our natural world. Through captivating proposals, playful illustrations and very wild activities, Wild Book will inspire children and their families to explore, learn and love nature, while letting their imagination run wild! 


Made with passion & sustainability

Made by Erika in LaKabana Printing House, with Crush eco paper – a distinctive and tactile papers made with residues from citrus fruit, coconut, cocoa, grapes, cherries, lavender, corn, olive, coffee, kiwi, hazelnuts and almonds that are saved from landfill. Produced with renewable energy, FSC™ certified, recyclable and biodegradable!



Made to take outdoors wherever we go, and the Nordisk hook gives us the freedom to do so. This aluminium hook is a must-have carabiner to bring on your adventures. Made of ultra strong aluminium and equipped with an easy snap feature it can be used to hang accessories, to bundle together smaller items or to attach your Wild Book to your backpack.



Authors: Created by Wild Me

Printed at: La Kabana Printing House
Language: trilingual (Catalan, Spanish and English)
Pages: 14 pages of 350g Crush Eco-Paper
Binding: Nordisk hook
Dimensions: 20x20cm

Price: 18,95€ (including VAT)



Wild Book Winter is the first Wild Book to go out into nature - the first of a series of four Wild Books which will come out at the start of each season in 2024 - STAY TUNED!

(SPRING in March 2024, SUMMER in June 2024 and AUTUMN IN September 2024)

Thanks to the collaboration of

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  • What ages is the Wild Book for?
    The proposals are designed for infants who can already manipulate small objects with support, and when they have begun reading and writing to use it with greater autonomy. Regardless of age, we recommend having an adult companion nearby to share quality moments together.
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