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Nature is a first-rate educational tool, not only for the social change that allows us to live in accordance with the resources that the planet offers us, but also as a value and experience for the integral development of the child. That's why we firmly believe in the rewilding of schools, towards an education with nature as another teacher on the team.

Ruta de la Fulla is a hybrid program for educational teams in Catalonia who want to rewild their school, all-year round.

" La Ruta is based on the importance of getting close to nature, observing,

understanding, learning to love nature and, also for educators to learn to make
space for wonder and figure out how to rewild your center. "



At the beginning of each season (autumn, winter, spring and summer), we will provide you with a 15+ pages guide (in pdf format), full of practical information, activities and tips from the Wild Me team, professionals both in the field of formal teaching such as live education and nature education.



  • La Ruta works according to the globalizing criterion, so what it proposes embraces, willingly, several areas of the curriculum at the same time.

  • Both students and teachers will participate in learning opportunities, observations and collaborations alongside nature and natural elements.

  • The pdf guides provided are structured in two levels PRE-PRIMARY and PRIMARY. Depending on the needs and the organization of your school, we will give you one or both guides so that you can work with the different levels in your school, whether it is vertical groupings, by levels, cycles, etc.

  • Seasonal learnings. The common thread is to get to know nature season by season and learn how to prepare (at school, with families, with children and with nature) and how to embrace and enjoy each season.

  • In each guide we detail the connections with the current curriculum in Catalonia, the specific learnings and the realization of the learning objectives.

For each season we provide 3 impacting activities (1 per month) to go out and cultivate wonder in nature at your own pace, with your groups of young learners. The proposals are open and can therefore be linked to other projects, include more complex concepts, expand existing ones, or simplify them.

Each guide includes additional resources: books, stories, songs and materials to keep you flying further in your learning journey.



When you join the Ruta de la Fulla we promise to accompany you to make your path to nature smoother. Depending on your needs and location, we can discuss organizing several tailored counseling sessions or meetings during the Ruta, at no additional cost.



  • Allow us to accompany you for minimum 1 year (our rates for this program are the lowest but we need to ensure at least 1 year commitment)

  • Organize at least 1 outting per season (UNIQUE CHALLENGES) with the Wild Me team, this cost is not included in the yearly fee but as a member of La Ruta you get a special price of €10/participant + VAT for all of our outtings.

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