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Anna Cot

As a child I was connected to Nature cracking open and eating pine nuts in the garden of my house. Hiking marked my path and it brought me experiences of austerity and communion with the mountain, spying on life through binoculars, tracking the landscape or just walking.

Adoptive daughter of the forest as I feel, I turned my knowledge of biology and teaching to unite active pedagogy with environmental education in different scenarios of freedom. The experience of creating and taking care of Cal Gripau Community has been relevant, where I have reconciled the adventure of rural cohabitation with the task of accompanying children in the forest.

My professional purpose is to enable children to take responsibility for their free time as inhabitants of the planet and discover that the wonders of Nature are not only in wild places but also in nearby environments, even within each one of us.

Wild Me seems to me a dream in the key of reality.

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