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Anna Prats

For me a laugh is more powerful than a scream, a hug more than a farewell, a warm look more than a mistake...  I believe that the essence of who loves, feels what she loves and values ​those around her, hides in the small things. Wild Me is this for me: the strength of small changes made with a lot of love and dedication.


At home they remember me as a girl with dishevelled hair and messy dresses because I liked to jump, run and play ... the pencil and the pad that I always carried with me were my inseparable companions within my most imaginative self and since then that has been my learning: the intense path through this world where we must not lose our most authentic self.


Wild Me is that road full of flowers and stones, at each step more intense and at each step you feel more connected with who you are and where you live. A gift of a team and a treasure of a project that I live like a dream of great things that make you feel alive.


If you want to continue flying with me and discover a little more of my professional facet here you have my web and my Instagram.



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