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Forest Guardians


Understanding the world, Caring, Autonomy and self-esteem, Creativity and Communication

,Mud, seeds, feathers, leaves, twigs, petals

In the forest we will create a space for the Forest Guardians, where we will go through the delightful process of creating mud as well as collecting materials and natural elements to make a very special work of Landart.


Through stories of the power of plants and animals, children will be able to let their imagination run wild to create their own guardian, who will remind them of the power of taking care of Nature.

Participants will be able to move freely around the space to access pleasure and learning through movement, senses, communication or imagination as they please. When everyone is finished the creative process we will visit all of our Guardians.

We will end with the reflection Who do we think will see our guardians when we leave? Will they be here another day when we come again?

NOTE: It is a fun idea to make up a name for our guardian, and we like to create a theme: for example, adjective/noun +plant name, Ridiculous Rosemary, or Peter Pine ;)

Duration: 2 – 4 hours

Cost (per student): From 13€ + TAX


Group size: maximum 30 students (with the option of doing 2 groups simultaneously) 

Target Audience: 3 to 12 years 



- 2 educators of the educational centre are required to participate in the activity

- Minimum spend of 350€ to contract this activity

- A 200€ cancellation fee applies if your confirmed booking is cancelled without rescheduling

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