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Marta Ribes

I was born in Barcelona, ​​surrounded by buildings and a lot of noise. The city has made me question the life we ​​have in it and, normally, I find the answers in nature and in our origins.

I have always dreamed of making this a better world, making it a little more just and solidary than how I know it.

In search of this "utopia", I launched Pa de Mico, a project that seeks to give voice to small businesses through social networks and photography. But the "overdose" of online life forced me to disconnect.

Disconnect to reconnect.

After my adventure as a community manager, I return to my origins: photography and education. A change of direction that arises from the need to feel reality again, which is not counted in likes and followers and seeks the most spontaneous sense of things.

And so, in the simplest and most unexpected way possible, a project appears before me that unites my greatest concerns: natural photography, non-formal education and direct contact with nature. How am I going to miss this train called Wild Me? Here we go!

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