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Olga Giménez

"Nature always carries the colors of the spirit"
Ralph Waldo Emmerson

As this famous American poet said, in nature we can always find a color for every emotion we feel, and it makes us feel an emotion for every color we can observe.

I grew up surrounded by nature, forests, mountains, fields ... I had it so integrated that I had never wondered if that was good or bad, if it was normal or not, or if there were other possibilities. It was a time without Netflix or computers or tablets, just us, our environment and the our imagination. We made potions by crushing flowers between two stones and adding water from the puddles, we drew with sticks on the ground, we observed small animals and insects, we built forts... We were free without knowing it.

Since my work in the world of education, I have focused on deepening my knowledge on living and active education where children are always the protagonists of their learning and its evolution. I hope that in the future all children will be able to enjoy this freedom which I enjoyed so much and which, today, is quite a luxury.

Wild Me is the perfect place to enjoy this freedom, the nature, the emotions it awakens and the learning it brings us.

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