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When we are out in the wild we very regularly find signs of which of our non-human companions live in the area. Whether it's in the form of tracks, droppings, scratches, eggs, holes, burrows or body parts like feathers, bones or shells, it's always a memorable and profound moment for children and adults alike.


From finding a feather to making eye contact with a fox, these moments have a profound impact on us and bring us closer to our animal and plant friends with whom we share the planet. This helps us generate empathy and love for our planet and the communities we live with. So, since this is so effective, today I urge you to go out with your children and read Nature around you.


With this 15 page pdf guide you will be taken on a journey to discover the great outdoors (and many other resources!) to teach and learn with children outdoors. The information and activities are organised in age groups from 0-3, 3-6 and 6-12 and are made for teachers, educators, parents, carers and anyone working or living with children.


PLUS all of the resources are fully equipped with TIPS & FURTHER
RESOURCES (authors, books, materials, tools, articles, guides, etc) to allow you to continue flying on your own learning journey.


This guide is the full book inspired by video 04 READING NATURE by WILD ME TRIBE


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