More and more studies are proving the benefits of coexistence with green ecosystems. It is well known that spontaneous and conscious activity in Nature helps us preserve innate strengths such as curiosity, self-confidence, mental and physical health or decision-making abilities.


We strive to assist schools giving them simple resources so that they can get closer to the outdoors, to play and enjoy their time there in an authentic way.


We offer innovative programs in near-to-school natural spaces and we use basic instruments that allow spontaneous game to deploy a whole range of learning possibilities.




Wild Me looks for the nearest and accessible natural location in your area to offer you a variety of meaningful and real activities for your educational project.


We work according to the global criterion, so the work-game we propose deliberately embraces several areas of the curriculum at the same time.


Depending on the duration and degree of involvement you need, you can choose between twenty services that are grouped into three large blocks:


1 day

They are one-day thematic experiences to connect children with their own wild nature and rediscover together. The Wild Me team supplies a natural enclave near your municipality to facilitate a day of enjoyment, emotion and learning. Depending on the particularities and needs of the group, we season the proposal with the ingredients that motivate you most: pigments, stones, seeds, feathers, sticks, mud, fire, trees, water, etc.


3+ weeks

Studying a specific area in the classroom based on current news concluded with a daytime experience in Nature as the end of the journey. The Wild Me team will send you the documentation and teaching materials that will help you in this classroom work during the suggested three weeks or the time you want to spend. And then we will do the cognitive work: a day of wild play is waiting for us outside!


2+ months

An interdisciplinary project to materialise a purpose of the group in a natural setting, during a two-month learning project at the school plus a one and a half day outing (one night). For example, planning a night camping out in the forest or a trip to the nearest coast to learn how to save our oceans…

If you would like more information about our activities, please contact us.